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Instant Bartender - Drink Recipes Drinks, Shots, Cocktails & More
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Drink Recipes, frozen drink recipes, frozen mixed drink recipes and more!!!

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This site is dedicated to giving you free drink recipes. We specialize in alcoholic drink recipes. Frozen alcoholic drink recipes are here also...

You can find bartender recipes and bartender drinks by typing in the drink recipes in the search box to the right. It will give you easy cocktail recipes and easy drink recipes you can use at home or send to a friend.

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Bartending made easy is our motto. Get those frozen drink recipes made quick, just search our site for easy bartender drink recipes on the right and you will be ready to go. Just start finding mixed drink recipes by typing what you want in this search box and click SEARCH

Who's the best bartender in Southwest Florida?
The News-Press
They greet you with a smile, listen patiently to your tales and mix your favorite drinks. And now we want to hear why your favorite bartender should be crowned Southwest Florida's best bartender. Some of you have already nominated your favorite bartender.

Fox News

Bartender sets patron's face on fire while making flaming shot
Fox News
None of the staff appear to be helping the man but the victim's sister told Lithuianian news site Lrytas.lt that the owner of Naktinis Tbilisis and bartender visited the victim in the hospital. The extent of his injuries remain unknown but the report ...

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Hey, Bartender: Meet Jeremiah from Olde Town Tavern
Appleton Post Crescent
Jeremiah Torrez from Olde Town Tavern in downtown Appleton talks with Mike Thiel about his signature drink, The Untitled, who would play him in "OTT: The Movie" and fixing a drink. It's Hey Bartender with a splash of lemonade. (July 30,2014) Jim ...

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UPDATED: Top bartender Lauren Festa to move from FT33 to the Mansion Bar
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Original post: Lauren Festa, head bartender at FT33, will be joining the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek on August 4, according to Stephanie Faulk, the Mansion's director of public relations. “She'll be working side-by-side with our other bartender ...

Medical Daily

Bartender Unwittingly Serves "Flaming Lithuanian"
Keep an eye on the balding fellow, leftmost among the guys in white shirts at the start of the video. Look at that poor bastard. Dude's tired and depressed from a long day of middle-managing a Lithuanian bioinformatics firm or whatever, just minding ...
Bartender Sets a Man's Face on Fire With a Flaming ShotEater National
Watch A Bartender Set A Guy On Fire With A Flaming ShotMTV.com
Bartender Accidentally Sets Man's Face on Fire With Flaming ShotGawker
First to Know -Medical Daily
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Top bartender Jim Meehan (PDT) relocating to Portland
The Oregonian
Jim Meehan, the expert bartender behind Manhattan's ground-breaking Please Don't Tell speakeasy and author of "The PDT Cocktail Book," is moving to Portland. "It's true, I'm moving to your beautiful city," Meehan writes in an email to The Oregonian.
Acclaimed Barman Jim Meehan Leaving NYC for PortlandEater National

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Bartender's dilemma: When not to sell
The fate of bartender Linda Coomer is still to be decided. Laws against serving alcohol to an intoxicated person – sometimes called "happy hour laws" or " dram shop liability" and stating that alcohol may not be "knowingly sold to a … noticeably ...
Bartenders face balancing act: When not to sellUSA TODAY

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New York Daily News

SEE IT: Bartender lights man's face on fire
New York Daily News
It wasn't what he was expecting. A man who ordered a cocktail called a Flaming Lamborghini had his face accidentally lit on fire by a bartender in Lithuania. Video capturing the explosive incident shows the unprepared 26-year-old man leaning over the ...

Hey Bartender: Jeremiah vs. Mike - Worst drink contest
Appleton Post Crescent
Hey Bartender: Jeremiah vs. Mike - Worst drink contest. It's The Duece vs. Da Bomb as Jeremiah Torrez from Olde Town Tavern in downtown Appleton and Mike Thiel put forth their bad mixology in creating the worst tasting drink. It's a bonus Hey Bartender ...

Hey Bartender: Meet Jeremiah from Olde Town Tavern in downtown Appleton
Appleton Post Crescent
Hey Bartender: Meet Jeremiah from Olde Town Tavern in downtown Appleton. Jeremiah Torrez from Olde Town Tavern in downtown Appleton talks with Mike Thiel about his signature drink, The Untitled, who would play him in "OTT: The Movie" and fixing a ...

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